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Camino Room

This is our mainly available accommodation. Enjoy your holidays with the home feeling and privacy you need, in our small and discret Bed & Breakfast. The Camino Room is ready to accommodate from 1 to 4 persons

Fully equipped

The room features one king and other queen size beds, the second reversible to a sofa, pillows and blankets. Work space with table, minibar, cabinet, sitting areas, fireplace, heating system, private and well equipped bathroom with bathtub, hairdryer and towels


For family, couples or friends, this room is perfect for those who are seeking peaceful time in contact with nature. The Camino Room was designed to accommodate you with maximum comfort and privacy, it also features an independent entrance and private parking area
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Single Room

You can relax and feel at home as our single rooms are fitted with a spacious double bed. The room itself is quite small, but you'll find everything you need to have a good sleep at night.


The only accommodation available INSIDE the house. The room preserve it's simplicity and old charm. You can really feel yourself at home. Designed to accommodate 1 person with comfort and convenience.

Shared Bathroom

Two steps away. In other words, door to door. The bathroom will be shared with ONE person only.

Free Toiletries

Well equipped bathroom with bathtub, hairdryer, hot water and towels. Also we offer to our guests high quality hygiene products like, soap & shampoo.

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